Okay, Windows 8 is now up and running on my PC. Time to have a look if the important (read:multimedia) hardware working properly.

Display / Graphic Card

I uses LG Flatron L1752S 17" LCD monitor, and Windows 8 detected it correctly, and automatically set it to its native resolution.

Graphic card is ATI / AMD Radeon 6500 series, but Its detected as Radeon 4800 series. However, its working properly - no problem with 3D acceleration. Played some 3D games and graphic working flawlessly. This is out of the box installation, means I didn't install any driver, its working straight away.

Sound Card

No sound coming out of my Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic. Checked device manager and its not listed there. The on board Realtek whatever series sound card is working alright thought, but I don't like the sound quality.

Went to Creative website and downloaded the latest beta driver. This driver fix the problem, X-Fi is detected and working as normal.

Ethernet Card

The on board Realtek ethernet card is working out of the box. This is not surprising at all, Microsoft bundled drivers catalog is quite good on this part.

So everything I need (at this moment) are working as intended, next I'll try to do some normal computing and see if anything is worth mentioning.

to be continued.....