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Finally got a spare time to play around with my four old years PC, and decided to download Windows 8 Consumer Preview, see if its really great. This PC  currently runs Windows 7.

I choose to download the ISO version because the online setup application refuse to install and keep saying I have connection problem. I used virtual clone drive to mount the ISO image and once it mounted, let the autorun do its job and then installation begin shortly.

Not much option offered on installation, and in fact the only choice of what can I keep is "nothing." I was under the impression I will lose my Windows 7 and all its applications so I prepared for the worst (turns out later that nothing is removed, they all kept in Windows.old folder). One thing the installer told me, I need at least 16GB free space to have the installer running.

It took around 2 minutes until the first reboot, and then the installer continued. After 3 minutes installing suddenly  the installer said it can't installs in my hardware! The installer choose to reboot and entered into the advanced boot options. Here I had a choice to redo the installation, so I choose it. It's still the same however, still got the same error. But this time the installer decided to rollback. Took some while, and finally I got back to my good old Windows 7 like nothing had happened.

Out of curiosity, I tried to install it once more. Everything is the same as before, so I expected the same failure. Amazingly, this time everything worked out nicely. In less than 10 minutes, Windows 8 is alive and kicking.

Oh, here is my PC spec:

- AMD Phenom II (forgot the model, to lazy to find out)
- AMD AM2+ motherbord (again, forgot the model)
- 4GB Ram
- ATI PCI Express VGA Card (again, forgot the model)
- Adigy X-Fi ExtremeMusic sound card

To be continued...