Hi whats up? Currently I have *almost* no internet connection, but today I have the chance to stop at shop with free wifi (woohooo,,, bless you wifi free shop!!!!111!!one1)

So because internet is hard for me now, this will be the last part of Singapore Photos. I was planning at least 3 parts, but well, nobody read this blog anyway hahaha.

Singapore is a country with a great cultural diversity. Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures are the most prominent ones. You'll easily find at least one of Chinese, Malay, or Indian culture signature on every corner of the country. On my last visit, I went to Chinatown and took some photographs at Buddha Tooth Relic temple (Chinese culture) and and Sri Mirriaman temple (Indian culture). I did not take any photos of Malay cultural signature simply because I don't have the chance. So here are some of the photos.


Prayers - 1

Leading The Prayer

Indian Priest, Singapore

Lit The Fire On

Street Musician - 2

Lingga - Singapore

Photographs taken with:
- Nikon D7000
- Nikkor 105mm AF-D Defocus Control
- Tokina 11-16mm ATX-Pro