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Marina Bay

Singapore is an aesthetically excellent city. So you can have a lot of good “cityscape” photography, especially at night. It so easy to get decent photos, I ended up overdoing it. So here you’ll find some generic night photography of Singapore.

Marina bay is one of the most popular photo spot there. Being a poor traveler, visiting Marina is a very logical choice for me. Its free to visit (outside of transport cost to get there) and you can hop from one point to another by just walking.


Helix Bridge

Move a bit to get different framing:


No Title

Another good spot is on the Skypark, but it’s not free. Entrance fee is SGD20 and tripod is not allowed. From Skypark, you have a very good view of the city.


View From Skypark (1)


View From Skypark (2)

There are a lot more good spot for night photography. They are too many to mention (read: I’m too lazy to write them) so here some night photographs at some random spot:

Light Me Up

Decoration Light


Christmas Decoration


Universal Studio

Photo gears used:

- Nikon D7000
- Tokina 11-16mm
- Nikkor 105mm DC