This movie is awesome. Nothing really special with the story - its very simple actually - but when the action kicks in, it brings a lot of excitement.

You should watch this movie if you like fun action with some funny comic relief thrown here and there. But if you expect "intellect" movie, then you might be disappointed.

The 3D is quite good. Not amazing, but it add more fun.

Now to the less good things:

There are shaky cam effects on several scenes, unfortunately the effect is a bit too much and combined with extreme cut making the scenes less enjoyable.

There is a strange thing happened with the zombie concept. At the beginning, the zombies are portrayed as some kind of power enhanced (they are strong, move really fast and jump very high.) But toward the end the zombies become just "normal" zombies, not slow, not fast, and no power enhancement. Maybe the script was written by more than one person? Or someone changes their mind?

Overall score : 7.5 of 10