Just came back from watching The Expendables 2. Booyaah,,, did not expected that this movie going to be such a fun to watch. Mind you, this is the kind of movie where you need to put your brain at home and enjoy it as a stupid fun flick.

Everything you expect from the casts is there. Over the top fights, explosions, cheesy dialog, dumb characters, etc, etc. But what really shine to me is the comedy. I enjoy the comedy more than the action it self. And Dolph Lundgren is a comedy gold here. He delivers the jokes so naturally without being out of character.

The actors are like making fun of them self (in a good way), many jokes referencing to their old movies.

And then come Chuck Norris out of nowhere. I tried to hold my laughter but failed. It so funny when a "Chuch Norris Fact" told by the man himself.

My only problem with this movie is the drama which told not in the best way. Not a major problem ,anyway.

I think I liked this movie better than The Avengers.