Just got back from watching 3D version of The Amazing Spider Man.

Overall its a very entertaining movie, I'd give it 8 out of 10 score.

The first half of then movie kinda slow, but Its build up quite nicely. The acting is pretty good, even the walk on artists act is not bad at all. The action sequences are not spectacular but still enjoyable.

But it has some flaws that I can't let go easily such as:

  • Some details not treated very good. I went WTF thinking about these details (see below for more explanation - warning: contains spoiler)
  • Some of the comic reliefs in the earlier part of the movie feels detached. The jokes was funny but does not seems to fit the mood of the moment an not flowing naturally. This movie is trying to be a serious movie, so the jokes must be told as natural as possible or else it became a gag movie.
  • Too much lovey dovey drama.
  • Too much coincidence. I know super hero stories rely on coincidences but sometimes it is just too much.
  • 3D effect is too subtle (or maybe too little). Don't get me wrong, I don't like over the top 3D effects as well. But the ones in this movie are not significant they  just not not worth the extra money. As a matter of fact, half of the time I remove my 3D glasses and did not see any change in the screen.
  • CGI is too obvious.

But ignoring all those, I really enjoy the movie.


Some details that bugs me:

  • When Peter used other intern's name to get in to the OSCORP,  the whole scenario does not make any sense. Why does the receptionist not verify his ID? Its a common procedure anywhere. Furthermore, when the correct person showed up, the security officers dragged him out while he's yelling that he is the correct one, why didn't he show his ID as a proof? In the real life, Peter would get busted in no time and the story might end with no Spider Man :D .
  • The door lock on the spiders room is so advanced but why it is too easy to open? Why not use fingerprint or eye scan thingy on this kind of super secret project with huge budget?
  • I prefer the web shooter as a biological thing so the strength and unlimited supply of web is more explainable. Mechanical device will leads to some nonsensical explanation.

This kind of details always bugs me because they are minor part of the movie but they impacts the overall story, so I would expect them to be treated more carefully.

INB4 angry fan boi :D