Random Image Just Because

Random Image Just Because

Apparently Adobe does not like simplicity. I recognized since upgrading to Flash v.11 my method of saving Youtube videos via cached file is not working anymore.

Fortunately, there is another easier way to save Youtube video (my previous method is quite hard and I did the method only for "fun").

Note :This easier method will only work with Mozilla Firefox, so make sure you have Firefox up and running.

So I assume you have no problem installing Firefox, now you need to install DownloadHelper plugin.
Go to this page with Firefox : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/ and click  the + Add to Firefox button to install the plugin.

Once Firefox finished downloading, it will ask you to authorize the installation:

Just click the Install Now button to begin installation. Firefox then ask you to restart the browser, so you need to close all your Firefox sessions, and re-open the browser. DownloadHelper should be installed once you have the Firefox re-opened.

Now, its time do download the video. got to Youtube, and chose any video. If the plugin installed correctly, you'll see DonwloadHelper icon before the title of the video as shown below inside red circle:

To save the video, you just need to click that icon and Firefox will automatically download the video to your default download folder. And that's it, enjoy the video.

As I've told you before, it's easier than my previous method. My problem with this method is: I don't like Firefox, and contrary to majority of internet user, I prefer using IE (and Chrome a close second). Many reason for this, one to mention is Firefox just run very slow when I create or edit a WordPress page.

I'm still trying out to get my previous method working again, but It might not worth the effort since HTML5 video begin to crawl its way.