I have a Windows 2003 server in one of my office that works primarily as a mail server (MDaemon 9.5), anti virus server (Symantec Endpoint Protection), and plain print/file server.

It run smoothly on it first 6 months, but somehow the hard drive is getting full in unbelievable rate. I saw it has about 1GB free space one day, but a week later  it only has 100MB free space left!

The low disk space notification appear every time, and then all of the sudden Mdaemon stop working, Symantec stop updating, print spooler refuse to works, Pringles  out of stock, Heroes story getting worse... ahhhh... headache!

So I create some junction point using "Junction Link Magic"you can get it for free from  http://www.rekenwonder.com/linkmagic.htm - for some Symantec folders (linked them to external hard drive) to fix this issue. That's help a lot, I got plenty of free space after that and everything back to work normally... but only for one month.

Something is still hiding in the corner eating all the yummy space.

Mmm. MDaemon looks suspicious...  lets check... folder size is about 5GB - it is ridiculously big....

Aha! I found one subfolder in "MDaemon" folder named "Preprocess" (like C:MDaemonPreprocess) that contains thousand of email files that I dont know why they all still there. They are the ones that eating my hard drive behind my back!

So the simple solution is to create another junction point for this folder and put the actual folder in another hard drive (external hard drive in my case). This is giving me 4.5GB freespace, and I dont have to worry that the disk will be full within next 2 years hahaha.

Anyway, I still dont know what is the MDaemonPreprocess folder function, but I regularly clean up this folder to remove files older than 30 days.