DSC_8088 - Version 2Sunrise At Angkor Wat

I was very lucky to be able to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, home of the infamous Angkor Wat. As usual, i have very limited time and budget so before arrive I did a lot of research. I found a very cheap hotel room (USD25 per day) and the good thing is I can book via email, no need for credit card or down payment. The hotel can also provide private tour, and I book the mid priced one (USD100 one day). I don't usually take private tour, but I realize there is too much place to visit, I might miss the best spots if I roam around myself.

The tour start very early in the morning, at 5.00 am. After purchased the 3 day pass for USD40 (needed to enter the temples around Siem Reap), we first visit Angkor Wat and waited for the sun to come up. The tour guide find me very good spot so I can take quite nice pictures.

DSC_9004 - Version 2Another Sunrise At Angkor Wat

One thing i notice, the place is very crowded! There were hundred tourist already, even at early morning. One the sun shone, most of them start to roam at the temple building. The tour guide suggested that we just go directly to Angkor Thom, before it become crowded. I'll feature photos from Angkor Thom on part 2.

So were returned to Angkor Wat at the noon, when most of the tourists take their break. I would say the tour guide plan is very good, made me possible to take pictures without much distraction.

Here are some more photos I took at the Angkor Wat temple:

Bass Relief

DSC_9181Angkor Pathway

DSC_8858Antique Statues

Gear used:
Nikon D70
Nikkor 28-80G, plastic kit lens from film era
Nikkor 18-55G, plastic kit lens from DSLR era
(I feel that the combination of D70 and 28-80 is very magical, there is something very organic about the pictures the produced)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it.