Flower Vendor

In this last installment of Laos "adventure" I'll feature some photos with human as subject.

Lao's people commonly are nice and friendly. Many does not mind being photographed and I encounter some that will automatically posing once I pointed my lens at them. Not much story I can gather from the photo subjects are most of them can't speak English.



These two monks chatting while waiting for the sunset at Mekong riverside:



This old man doing his evening walk, also at Mekong riverside:

Random Photo

Enjoy The Sun

Souvenir vendor at Pha That Luang:

10 Bucks T-Shirt

Ten Dollar Shirt

Tuk-tuk driver having a nap:

Power Nap

Power Nap

Girls at full moon festival:

Smile For The Camera

Smile For The Camera

A shameless poor tourist trying to looks cool but he just fooling himself actually:

Stupid Tourist

Who is this loser? He does not belong here!

Gears used:

- Nikon D7000
- Nikkor 105mm f/2 DC

(except for the last one, I can't remember what gear used)