Sunset Over A Village

Okay, now I move away the focus to a remove place in Laos. Up to November 2011, I was working at a place far away from Laos capital and had the chance to witness a very beautiful place that soon will disappear. In the last 12 years, my job has sent me to many beautiful remote places almost unknown to outside world and they all have one similarities: they are in progress of destruction in the name of economy. And this place is no exception. I believe not more that 50 years, those mountains will be gone. Sentimental aside, that might be for greater good for the locals.

Anyway, I will not name the village because it will give away too much information of a company I worked with at that time. But this area is nearby Xaixomboune Special Area (conflict zone). Safety is not guaranteed, but majority of the local are nice people.

Hot Morning

Hot September Morning

The climate change at this area is quite extreme. On a hot season the sun might burn skin, while on cold season the wind might stab to the bone. The landscape will also change dramatically. The picture above was taken on a hot day at the end of hot season, and the picture below is the same mountain on the left hand side of above picture, taken on the beginning of cold season.

Hazy Mountain

Cold October Morning

Seeing my picture archive of this place always makes me think about a phrase in one of my favorite U2 song, "In A Little While":

When the night takes a deep breath,
And the daylight has no end.

If I crawl, If I come crawling home,
Will you be there?

Well, here are some more picture worth sharing, I hope you find this place as beautiful as I think.

Morning Reflection

Morning Reflection

Above view is a common on a hot season.

Cloudy Afternoon

A Cloudy Evening

Camera gear used:

- Nikon D7000
- Nikkor 28-80mm G
- Nikkor 50mm D
- Tokina 11-16mm
- Canon S90

How much I paid to get to this place? well I did not pay, rather I got paid for the travel :D