Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha At Wat Xiang Khuang

Some half an hour ride from Vientiane (Lao's capital), there is a bizarre park called "Wat Xiang Khuang" , translates as Buddha Park, which hosts too many to count statues combining Buddhism and Hinduism style.

Its very cheap to get there but the tricky one is to get back. I got there by hiring a car with the driver for around USD20 round trip (direct negotiation with the driver at bus terminal). Might sounds expensive, but the good thing is the driver wait patiently for three hours while I'm busy taking pictures at the park. Be careful when arranging transportation, because there is another place called "Xieng Khouang" which is also a beautiful place but takes 7 hours ride to get there.

Anyway, you have to pay to get inside the park. I forgot exactly how much is the entrance fee, but its around USD 2 and "camera fee" is around 50cents.

Buddha Park

The Bizarre Statues

Like I mentioned above, the statues looks bizarre to me. I will not explain the history behind the design, wikipedia has a good articles on it.

Among the statues, there is one very big reclining Buddha one (the very first picture in above) which length approximately 40 meters. Without a doubt, it become tourist favorite. The are some photographers around this giant statue that offers to get you photographed for less than 2 bucks and you'll have a rather nice 4R print.

Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

I managed to get one of the photographer the take a photo of me using my D70. The man had never touch DSLR before, but the result turns out quite ok, aside from a serious horizon level error, lol.

One thing I noticed, you can have some funny pictures if you have someone to take your photo. So I suggest you to get your friend to accompany you, and you both will have some photos to smile about in future. Too bad I was traveling alone.

Here are some more picture from the park.

Snake Goddess

Snake God ?

No tripod with me, camera must lay on the ground.


Pardon My Narcissism, I'm Just A Poor Traveler

I have't acquired my wide lens at that that time, so this is the widest I can get:

Buddha Park

View From The Top Of The Pumpkins Thingy

Camera gear used:

- A seriously beaten and almost dead Nikon D70 (bent CF pin and some sensor issues)
- Nikkor 18-55G (well I'm surprised about this, I reckon I used 28-80G and the contrast is typical to that particular lens but the exif suggest otherwise)