Patuxai At Night


In the heart of Vientiane city, there is one really stand out monument. The name is Patuxai which translate to victory gate. The monument is located inside a quite big and nice park (Patuxai Park.) The park sometimes get a bit too crowded especially on weekend evening. So one needs to be a little bit patient to get a scene with less people in the frame.


Patuxai, view from the most popular spot

There is no entrance fee to get inside the park, but there is a small entrance fee if you want to go inside the monument building. The monument is closed at 6.00PM but the park stays open all the time.
Once you enters the monument, you have the access to use the stairways to go to the roof top. You can view a good portion of Vientiane city from there.

Patuxai Park

View From Patuxai Roof Top

For a poor traveler/photographer wannabe like me, Patuxay park is a really nice place to visit. Its almost free and got some nice views that can turn to some decent photographs.

Here some more photo I took at Patuxai (the photos looks soft in some browsers, but if you click on it, you can view the bigger and sharper photo):


Ornament On Patuxai Ceiling

Can I touch the moon? So close yet so out of reach

Late Moon Over Patuxai

Patuxai Low Angle

Low Angle

Equipment used:

- Nikon D7000 camera
- Nikon D70 camera
- Nikkor 105mm f/2 DC
- Nikkor 28-80mm G
- Tokina 11-16mm